This scene is one part of my degree project. I decided on making two scenes, one hard surface and one more organic and I came across a concept by Álvaro Fernández which I really liked. I wanted to focus on giving the meshes an organic feel, trying to avoiding to many 90 degree angels. Another part I wanted to focus on was colors, lightning and atmosphere so I spent a lot of time nailing down core light sources that would enhance shapes and materials. I also learnt how to make glow spheres which are really useful when trying to create a mood and are really easy to tweak and move around, which gives you a lot of control and makes for quick iterations. 
Overall a fun project from which I learnt a lot! 

In-Game Screenshot

In-Game Screenshot

Shaded, Detail Lightning, Base Color and Roughness Visulization.

All Assets used in Scene.

High Poly Leaves Sculpted In Zbrush.

Flame Reference and Temperature.

Animated Flame and Light Function.

Flame Mesh with Shader.

Flame mesh to which I applied a Twist Deformer and vertex color for animation in Unreal.

Flame Shader.

*Flickering Light Function.

Temperature and Light Function.

I wanted to try out the Flipbook node in Unreal since I hadn’t tried it before. So I decided to try and make a flame but eventually settled for the other flame shader and mesh.

Flipbook Flame.

I wanted to try another way to add fog in my scene apart from using the exponential Fog.  I created a shader which can be applied to a sphere, this gives you more control and is really useful when trying to create a mood and easy to tweak and move around which makes for quick iterations.

Glow Sphere Shader.

Grass Material created in Substance Designer.

Grass Material Texture Maps.

Concept Art Inspiration by álvaro Fernández. (

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