Lowpoly with textures, textured in Substance painter and rendered in Marmoset.

Lowpoly with textures and wireframes.

Lowpoly without Diffuse texture.

I got a tip when texturing stylized assets inside Substance Painter which I wanted to try out. This technique works really well on both highlights and cavities. I start by masking out the parts I want. After that I apply a Fill, Baked Lightning and Gradient-filter to my Fill layer. That way I can get color variations in my grayscale and make colors fade or break up the highlight/cavity if it feels to monotonous.

HighPoly version created by applying support edges to lowpoly and using Subd modelling. I wanted to keep a simple and clean shape but still add some softness to the edges.

Concept Art by Alexandr Krainuk: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/qKNWD

Software used in this project.

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