Knåddskogen is a single-player, exploration game where you take on the role as a kindergarten teacher searching for her missing class in the depths of a Swedish forest. It’s a bizarre adventure, which turns an otherwise tough situation to something fun and quirky with a lot of humor.

At Swedish Game Awards Knåddskogen was nominated in 4 categories and won “Best Execution in Art” and “Gamers’ Choice”.

Knåddskogen was made by 9 students during a 7 week course, my role were to create Shaders, Environment Art/Level Art, Props ans some VFX.

Available and free to play  on Itch:

Selection of props I made.

Wind shader used for Foliage.

Demonstration of Wind Shader.

Water shader.

Demonstration of Water Shader.

Some props I created that was used to paint on the terrain throughout the level.

Example of the props used in Unity.

Additional ingame screenshots.

Trailer that I edited in Adobe Premiere. Ingame footage done by me, 2D Art made by Sanne Karlsson.

Software used in this project.

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