Echo is a single.player storydriven, side-scroller. Narrative is conveyed through gameplay and environment since no text or cutscenes were allowed.

Role | Environment Art, Level Art, Shaders and VFX
Time | 4 Weeks
Software | Unreal Engine 4.18, Autodesk Maya, Substance Designer, substance Painter, Zbrush and Marmoset Toolbag.

Available on Itch:

Selection of Props, Shaders and VFX I made during the project.

Light flicker function.

Pouring Water/Waterfall Shader.

Water Ripple Shader.

Selection of Screenshots.

Demonstration of the Water Shader I created.

High and Low poly of the pier piece. Baked in Marmoset and textured in substance Painter.

Shader setup for the vertex paint I created for the Piers and Floors in game.

Demonstration of vertex paint material.

Some of the world materials for walls and floors I created in Substance Designer.

Wood Materials created in Substance Designer.


Software used in this project.

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